Personalised Paper: Anniversary

Anniversary personalised newspaper gift

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The newspaper article is tabloid size and framed in a stylish black contemporary frame (measuring 33cm x 40cm). Your order will be dispatched in a large, robust box.

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The newspaper article is tabloid size (measuring 29cm x 36cm) and unframed. Your order will be dispatched in a large hard back "Do Not Bend" envelope

Article text:

[HUSBAND] and [WIFE] [SURNAME] have two reasons to celebrate this morning - not only are they celebrating one year as husband and wife, they are also enjoying their first day as Britain's Couple of the Year. The [LOCATION] pair beat off competition from nine other couples, including David and Victoria Beckham and John Travolta and Kelly Preston as they earned the title of the UK's most lovestruck duo.

The award is the perfect way to celebrate their first year of happily married life together. There have been plenty of ups and downs since then, but [HUSBAND] and [WIFE] have gradually discovered the secret of a successful married life. "For me, it's all about give and take," explained [HUSBAND]. "I do the giving and [WIFE] likes to take. Money, presents, compliments - you name it. Give and take. Seriously, though, the Couple of the Year award is not the biggest prize I've ever won. I got that when I married [WIFE] one year ago. She makes it really easy to be part of a successful couple."

[WIFE] also gave her recipe for a successful married life after being presented with the Couple of the Year trophy - or the 'Golden Love Heart' as it is better known - at a glittering ceremony in London's West End. "I like to call [HUSBAND] my Mr. Right," she said. "That's not because I think he's perfect - although he comes pretty close - it's just because, according to him, he's always right. I gave up arguing about it years ago. I just let him think he's right all of the time now, and then pick up the pieces when he's eventually proved wrong!"

As Britain's official Couple of the Year, [HUSBAND] and [WIFE] will now be expected to pass on their secrets of success to partnerships less fortunate than their own. [HUSBAND] will be counselling Ashley Cole on his failed relationship with Cheryl, while [WIFE] will be meeting Britney Spears to discuss her past break-ups. She is expected to complete her task in early 2012.

The challenge now is to stay as loved-up over the next year so they can defend their trophy when they celebrate their next anniversary in 12 months time. "It doesn't surprise us that [HUSBAND] and [WIFE] have been so happy together," said the couple's friends. "Everybody always describes marriage as the greatest institution - and we always knew both [HUSBAND] and [WIFE] would end up in one!"

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