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Article text:

[FORENAME] [SURNAME] is the toast of the motor racing world this morning after producing a flying finish to win a dramatic British Grand Prix. Despite trailing reigning world champion Jenson Button at the start of the last lap, [AGE]-year-old [SURNAME] moved alongside the Brit at the final bend before completing a daredevil overtaking move to clinch remarkable victory.

Twenty of the twenty-four cars slid out of contention but [SURNAME] showed superb driving skill to keep [his] car on the track at speeds of more than 200mph. The [CAR] team scouts had travelled to [LOCATION] to watch [SURNAME] driving after hearing just how fast [he] could go. "The [guy] was clearly fast and definitely had something" said Bernard Spooner the [CAR] spokesmen. "Was [he] safe, and did [he] have the guts to do it on the track, we asked ourselves?" Despite amazing the [CAR] Team members with a series of record breaking practice laps, [SURNAME] was not expected to start as the number one driver for [CAR], but a series of injuries and illnesses to their regular drivers presented [SURNAME] with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Despite [his] inexperience, the good looking [SURNAME] looked like a natural as [he] flew around Silverstone's bends and chicanes in qualifying. Quick reactions from [SURNAME] helped [him] get a flying start as soon as the lights went to green and [he] led the rest of the field into the first bend. [SURNAME] held that lead for the first half of the race but, when it started to rain, the [CAR] team ordered [him] into the pits for a tyre change. [SURNAME] was soon back onto the track, but not before Button had slipped past into the lead.

With just one lap left to go, it was time to make [his] move. Tracking every twist and turn of Button's car, [SURNAME] braked as late as possible to move right behind the Brit. As Button turned the final bend, the quick-thinking [SURNAME] pulled out, stamped [his] foot onto the accelerator pedal and with a twist of the steering wheel [he] outmanoeuvred Button to leave the bend with [his] car just in front. By the time the pair crossed the finish line, [SURNAME] had driven [his] car into a full length lead. The Silverstone crowd went absolutely wild with delight. [FORENAME] [SURNAME] had won the British Grand Prix!

The lap of honour was one of the most amazing scenes British sport has ever seen, and, when [SURNAME] eventually climbed onto the winner's podium it appeared that the entire nation was shouting [his] name, in a football style chant, the likes of which the motor racing world has not seen before. "I was sure I was going to win" said Button, when interviewed by ITV commentator Martin Brundle shortly after. "But I was beaten by the better driver. I think [FORENAME] [SURNAME] could be the next world champion."

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