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Article text:

[FORENAME] [SURNAME] made fishing history yesterday when [he] broke the record for the biggest fish ever captured in British waters. [AGE]-year-old [SURNAME] will enter the Guinness Book of Records after landing a monster carp that weighed a whopping 90lbs - almost as much as pop star Victoria Beckham!

[FORENAME] caught the mutant carp with a mixed bait of tuna, shrimp paste and honey at a small uncharted lake close to [his] hometown of [LOCATION]. It took [him] more than two hours to reel the fish in, and even then, several other fishermen had to help [him] haul the beast, which weighed more than 40 kilos, onto the shore. "This is an amazing day in the history of fishing," said Gary Clark, editor of Britain's leading fishing magazine, Angling World.

"There have been a few monster carp caught in Britain in recent years, but nothing that has got anywhere near the 90lb mark. A lot of people said that a fish that size would never be caught, but [FORENAME] [SURNAME] has done it. For me, that makes [FORENAME] the best fisherman in Britain." Yesterday's adventure started when [FORENAME], who is now expected to receive an MBE for [his] services to fishing, travelled to a lake close to [LOCATION] in the early hours of the morning. [FORENAME] set off from the shore in a small boat and dropped [his] line into a clear area of water, which is estimated to have been 15ft deep.

At first, nothing happened, but just after 10am [he] felt a sharp tug on [his] rod and knew [he] had caught a big one. That was just the start of [his] problems, however, as it still took more than two hours of wrestling to get the 6.5 stone monster onto his boat and across to the shore. Even then, it needed a group of three other fishermen to help haul it out of the water and onto dry land. "I'd never seen anything like it in my life," said Fred Watson, one of the fishermen who helped [FORENAME] land the monster catch.

"I looked across into the water and all I could see was [FORENAME] wrestling with this massive fish in the boat. I waded across to [him] as quickly as I could and while [he] pulled as hard as [he] could on the line, I tried to get my arms around the fish to help [FORENAME] get it into the boat. There were a few hairy moments but, in the end, we managed to do it. I don't know how [FORENAME] managed to catch it in the first place, though, it's certainly the best bit of fishing that I've ever seen."

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