Photo baby board book

Personalised photo baby board book handmade bespoke

Young children and toddlers will love the simplicity of this book - the clean and simple layout will show off your photos beautifully and the bright colours behind the text will add to the eye-catching feel of the book. (If you'd prefer the background colours to be a simple white or all one specific colour that's not a problem - just pop a message in the 'special instructions' box on the payment screen and let me know!)

What to do next: This is where the fun really starts and you begin to design your book! Have a pen and paper handy... View all the pages of the book in close up by clicking on the first picture of the gallery below. As you flick through the pages decide which of your photos you would like to appear on which page, jotting down the text you would like to appear with that photo (maximum 60 characters per page). Please read the information below regarding how to choose the right photos. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

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Page Gallery - view the pages in close up by clicking on the first image and scrolling through:

Sending the right photo: Your photos should be at least 250kb in size, although even bigger is better as it will give a better finished result (maximum size 2MB). Your photos should be saved in JPEG format, and nice and clear. Please save the photos titled with your surname and the corresponding page number you would like it to appear on: for example "Smith front" for the front cover, "Smith 1" for page 1, and so on. Use the images shown below to keep track of how your photos will be ordered:

Photo requirements: You will need 12 photos in total. As the photos are an important part of the design of this book, for best results please supply pictures that are good quality, and nice and clear. Very dark/light or poorly focused photos won't give a good result, so pick your photos carefully and chose ones that are a good size!

The Front & Back Covers: These photos are both cropped to a square and fill the entire page. The text is written over the top of the photos so please bear this in mind when choosing your photos so that nothing important is likely to be obscured by the text.

The Inside Pages: The area for the photos on the inside pages is rectangular and measures approximately 76mm x 102mm (landscape format). I will crop your photos to these dimensions for you, or you're welcome to crop them yourself before sending them over.

Please note: Please bear in mind the shape that the photos will be cropped for the book (eg, into squares for the covers, and rectangles for the inside pages) and make sure that nothing important is likely to be cut from the photo. For best results, I would recommend you choose photos that were originally shot in a landscape format for the inside pages as they will lend themselves to the shape more readily.

Choosing the right text: You can write your own copy for each page - you can even give the book your own title. Each page is limited to 60 characters. Please note that if you require several words on one page the size of the text will need to be reduced in order for it to fit. Please do not exceed 60 characters. The books all use a natural, clear font similar to that used in schools due to its clarity and the fact that the letter 'a' for example is written in a natural way.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch!