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Article text:

They said it would never happen but [FORENAME] will finally be putting [his] feet up and entering the wonderful world of retirement. After years of working life, [LOCATION]-based [FORENAME] will leave through the doors of [WORKPLACE] for the last time before swapping the tools of [his] trade for an armchair and slippers.

[FORENAME] will be sorely missed at [WORKPLACE] - if only because there will be nobody else to do the jobs that the other staff don't really fancy. [FORENAME] has given so much to [WORKPLACE] over the years that it's going to be strange to be carrying on without [him], said [his] fellow employees. When [he] started doing this job, computers hadn't been invented, the internet was something fish did when they were being caught and flexi-time meant deciding whether you wanted 25 minutes or half-an-hour to eat your ham and cheese sandwiches. I think there was one other person who started work on the same day as [FORENAME] and you can now find him in the British Museum. Seriously, though, it won't be the same without [FORENAME]. We just hope [he] enjoys retired life and finally starts to take things easy.

[AGE]-year-old [FORENAME] thought long and hard about [his] decision to retire but is already making plans about how to fill in [his] new-found time. Much of it will be spent in [his] home in [LOCATION], and [FORENAME] is sure to spend more time with [his] nearest and dearest who are looking forward to [his] retirement day.

"[FORENAME] has worked ever so hard all of [his] life", a close family member told us, "But now it's time for [him] to enjoy [himself] and reap the benefits. I know [he]'s been looking forward to putting [his] feet up and watching some television. I know [he] might not agree with me now, but I bet [he] slips into the whole retirement thing quite easily. Before you know it, [he]'ll be watching Countdown, wearing button-up cardigans and dribbling down [his] chin during [his] afternoon nap!

Replacing the irreplaceable is an almost impossible task and the management at [WORKPLACE] are struggling to contemplate life after [FORENAME] [SURNAME]. It's not going to be easy, admitted the management of [WORKPLACE]. But life will have to go on somehow. It would help if we knew what [FORENAME] actually did but, despite working here for years nobody's really that sure! Only joking. We'll all miss [FORENAME] a lot and we're all hoping [he] has a great time away from all the problems and pressures of work.

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