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Article text:

[FORENAME] [SURNAME] rounded off a remarkable fortnight yesterday when she won the Wimbledon Women's Singles title, in front of a capacity Centre Court crowd. [AGE]-year-old [SURNAME] triumphed over favourite and number one seed Serena Williams, in a titanic three-set tussle that will go down in history as one of the greatest finals of all time.

[SURNAME], a wild card entrant, was relatively unknown when the tournament began a fortnight ago. She showed incredible skill and stamina to take the title despite losing the first set on a tie break. The [LOCATION] star looked to be down and out at that stage but, in a remarkable turnaround, she won the next set 6-4 before winning the decider 7-5. Williams had no answer for the powerful serves and punishing returns from [FORENAME], which became more and more effective as the game wore on.

Her tennis has progressed at an amazing rate this year. A string of fine victories at her local club saw her recently become [LOCATION] Women's Singles Champion. Even so no-one could have predicted that she would ever attain the form that she achieved during the last fourteen days.

Her semi-final win was particularly impressive, although most experts expected the attractive, intelligent ace [SURNAME] to struggle in the final against Williams. The first set was especially hard-fought but, despite sending down a series of monster serves, [SURNAME] could not prevent her American opponent taking the first set.

"You can do it [FORENAME]", came a shout from the stands. [SURNAME] appeared to steel herself and straight away, [FORENAME] knew all was not lost. Summoning up all of her strength, [SURNAME] served hard to Williams left and, even though her opponent somehow got the ball back over the net, the [LOCATION]-based star was ready at the net to hammer home a winning volley.

Winner after winner flew from her racket and, within less than half an hour, she had won the second set to level the match. The final set was another tight affair but, after taking a 6-5 lead, [SURNAME] knew she was just one game away from winning the Wimbledon Title. With her family cheering her on, [SURNAME] won the first point with a wonderful top-spin lob before two forehand winners gave her match point.

The tension was unbelievable. As the crowd fell silent Williams sent down a powerful first serve but, keeping her eye firmly on the ball as it moved towards her, [SURNAME] hammered it back across the net and watched as it bounced on the baseline, out of the favourite's reach. The crowd went absolutely wild as [SURNAME] fell to her knees.

When interviewed by the BBC's Sue Barker the modest [SURNAME] said "People always told me I could be good, now I've got a trophy to prove I'm the best player in the world!"

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