About Me

Hello! I'm Sarah, the face behind PhotoFairytales and I'd like to thank you for discovering my little corner of the internet. I've been running my small independent business here in Norfolk since 2009, and I'm the designer-creator behind almost all the items you see here on the site.

PhotoFairytales is more a village than a city, and as its Lady Mayor (so to speak) I'd like to invite you to a very pleasant village - peaceful and friendly, with a heart warming welcome full of good honest handmade goodness!

Before I tell you who I am, let me just take a moment to tell you who I'm not: I'm not a huge faceless company with countless employees, a warehouse, or shareholders! PhotoFairytales is me, and I'm PhotoFairytales... so, whenever you place an order or get in touch, it will be me that contacts you.

My philosophy is quite simple really. I want to be able to offer you (my lovely, attractive and wise customer) something unique that has been created with care and from the heart, offered with awesome customer service (you know, the good old fashioned bend-over-backwards kind!).

I know that finding a great gift, or a keepsake to mark an important moment, can be fraught with hassle. At the beginning of your travels, you have in mind that your shopping trip will be a pleasant skip through the enchanted forest to the old shoppe (made of gingerbread) which will be packed with quaint and lovely little ticky-tacky-nicky-naks. The problem is, all too quickly you find yourself studying something with "novelty" in the description that cost £20 more than you wanted to spend, and wondering if "it will do"...

Well, no it will most certainly NOT do! (I said that in my posh, bossy voice by the way.)

PhotoFairytales was built out of my love for design and creation, almost everything you see on the site here is designed from the heart by me - and my town plan is that it will offer you inspired unique products at sensible prices. I'm not the only designer in the village though, I have invited a few other hand picked artisans and creative types to join me and you can purchase their work here too.

I've often been accused of being a perfectionist (which I think is a euphemism for "pain in the neck"?), but I can promise you that when it comes to working on your order I will use all those annoying perfectionist traits I have to produce something you will adore. (Just be grateful you don't have to live with me...)

PhotoFairytales is a small business, run from our family home in Norfolk - and I would like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for stepping off the beaten track and discovering this little parish! For regular chat and glimpses into life here at PhotoFairytales HQ, you can find me on Facebook at @photofairytales

Sarah Thexton

Me and My Life (in a tiny nutshell):

I was born in Surrey, studied art & design, moved to Bath, met my husband, moved to Norfolk, became a mummy. In-between I've worked in all sorts of places (some good, some OK, some downright don't-want-to-go-work-today type places - I think you probably know the kind?!). I've worked mainly in theatre marketing, publishing, copyrighting and designing. And although I have a frog in my logo, if I meet a frog in real life I tend to scream and climb the nearest tree. (Frogs can't climb trees, can they..?)