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The perfect personalised gift idea for anyone who loves their game of golf - put them in the headlines with their very own personalised newspaper!

Example Text:

The golfing world is in a state of frenzy this morning after some of the world's leading players admitted they were learning how to do the [SURNAME]. Named after its inventor - [FORENAME] [SURNAME], a [AGE] year old former model - the [SURNAME] is a strange, jerky style that has left some of the sport's leading ambassadors hanging their heads in shame. Ugly and unconventional, the [SURNAME] is hardly a playing style that appeals to the purists.

Crucially, though, it works, putting an amazing 80yards or more onto the drives of those who can master the technique. Several of the world's leading players have confirmed their intentions to travel to [LOCATION] to learn the stroke from its originator. [SURNAME] was an unremarkable club player until a strange discovery was to change [his] life overnight. Teeing off at the third hole during a round earlier this year, [SURNAME] was startled when another player's ball landed near [him] just as [he] was about to begin [his] backswing. Jumping to the left to avoid the ball, [SURNAME] was jerking all over the place as [he] struck the ball.

What happened next, though, was nothing short of incredible. Instead of trundling into the rough, the ball scorched down the fairway and made it to the front of the green - some 350 yards away! "At first I thought it was a fluke," explained [LOCATION]-based [SURNAME], "But I tried to repeat the shot again and, to my disbelief, exactly the same thing happened. It took me a week or so of practising, but now I've perfected the swing."

The only problem is that because of its unique nature, the [SURNAME] is an extremely difficult shot to learn. "It basically looks like a very-bad disco dancer," explained Carlos Manuella, editor of Golf Tip Monthly. "When I first saw [FORENAME] [SURNAME] swinging a club, I thought [he] was having a fit. But [he] was actually just doing the [SURNAME]."

Unsurprisingly, attention has focused on [SURNAME], the inventor of the shot. The extremely attractive and highly marketable [SURNAME] is destined to become an overnight millionaire. Gillette, Wilson & Rolex are already confirmed as tabling offers for [his] signature. [FORENAME] [SURNAME] now has the world at [his] feet and is set to become a golfing icon. [SURNAME], together with some of [his] fellow players are understood to have started a local swingers club for any interested enthusiasts.

The modest [SURNAME] told reporters last night "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."


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