Christmas Opening Times

(Last updated  19th December 2017)

I am closed for a Christmas holiday from midday December 19th and will re-open on January 8th 2017. The website will remain open and you are very welcome to place orders or contact me while I'm closed, but please be aware that I won't be able to process your order or acknowledge your message until my return.

I would like to say a huge "thank you" to all my customers (past, present and future!), and to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

Very best wishes,
Sarah Thexton 

Sorry - all pre-Christmas order dates are now closed

Last Orders by Date

(Please scroll down the page if you would like to see Last Orders by Product)

December 1st:

  • All Rest of World overseas orders - now closed

    December 3rd:

    • Wooden Gifts  - now closed
    • Birth Announcement/Invitations  - now closed
    • Fantasy Portraits with Greeting Cards  - now closed

      December 7th:

      • Mixing Bowls- now closed
      • Fantasy Portraits with Canvas Prints- now closed
      • Gift Plates- now closed

      December 8th:

      • All EU overseas orders- now closed

        December 10th:

        • Memory Card Game- now closed
        • Photo Albums - now closed
        • Board Books- now closed
        • Bunny Rabbit Family Prints - now closed
        • On Our Wedding Day Prints  - now closed
        • On This Day Birthday Prints  - now closed

            December 11th:

            • Love Gift Boxes- now closed
            • Rocket Photo Holder- now closed
            • Christmas Eve Boxes- now closed

                December 12th:

                • Family Tree prints, A3 size- now closed
                • Fantasy Portraits with Unframed or Mounted Prints - now closed

                  December 14th:

                  • Canvas Prints- now closed
                  • Blue Heritage Plaques- now closed
                  • Round Wall Plaques/House Signs  - now closed  
                  • Hoop Prints- now closed
                  • Fork & Trowel Garden Sets- now closed
                  • Hammers- now closed
                  • Mugs- now closed
                  • Personalised Gift Sacks- now closed
                  • Family Tree print 8x10" size- now closed
                  • Metal Street Signs- now closed
                  • Fantasy Portraits artwork only - now closed
                  • All Personalised Prints in A3 size - now closed  

                      December 15th:

                      • Official FC Gifts - now closed
                      • Newspapers - now closed
                      • All Personalised Prints in 8x10" size (excluding Family Tree prints) - now closed

                          December 17th:

                          • Santa Letters - UK orders - now closed
                          • Santa Telegrams - UK orders  - now closed
                          • Standard Greeting Cards (fast dispatch cards) - now closed
                          • Tooth Fairy Letters  - now closed

                          December 18th:

                          • Gift vouchers - now closed

                              December 19th: closed from noon

                                Last Orders by Product

                                Fantasy Portraits -

                                • Artwork Only (ie, no print): December 14th - now closed
                                • Artwork & Unframed or Mounted Print: December 12th  - now closed
                                • Artwork & Canvas Print: December 7th (you will need to approve your proof by 13th December)  - now closed  
                                • Artwork & Greeting Cards: December 3rd (you will need to approve your proof by 7th December)  - now closed  

                                Gift Vouchers: 18th December - now closed

                                Personalised Letters & Telegrams from Santa -

                                • Rest of World overseas orders: 1st December  - now closed
                                • EU overseas orders: 8th December  - now closed 
                                • UK orders: 17th December  - now closed

                                Personalised Letters from Tooth Fairy: 17th December - now closed

                                Personalised Prints, 8x10" size (as shown in the list below): 15th December  - now closed

                                • Ticket prints
                                • Family prints (eg, 'Tree' and 'Nest' designs)
                                • Ministry of Silly prints
                                • Mother's Day prints
                                • Love Poems
                                • My Message to You prints
                                • Personalised Prints for Teachers
                                • I Love You This Much prints
                                • Love Prints
                                • Superhero Prints
                                • Vintage Prints
                                • Cook's Conversion Charts
                                • Meaning of Name prints
                                • New Home Prints
                                • Word Art Prints
                                • Timeline Prints
                                • Happy Faces Prints
                                • Grandparent Family Prints
                                • Our Dad Prints
                                • Always Be Yourself Prints
                                • Birth Prints
                                • Wedding Prints

                                Personalised Prints, A3 size (including A3 versions of prints shown above, plus the items listed below): 14th December  - now closed 

                                • Smilers Prints
                                • Bespoke Word Theme Prints
                                • Always Be Yourself Prints 
                                • Alphabet Nursery Prints
                                • I'm Kind of a Big Deal Prints 

                                'On This Day' Prints: 10th December - now closed 

                                'On Our Wedding Day' Prints: 10th December - now closed

                                Love Gift Box: 11th December  - now closed

                                Personalised Newspapers: 15th December - now closed 

                                Embroidery Hoop Prints: 14th December - now closed

                                Official Football Merchandise: 15th December  - now closed

                                Personalised Canvas Prints: 14th December  - now closed

                                Birth Announcements & Invitations: 3rd December - now closed

                                Standard Greeting Cards (fast dispatch cards): 17th December  - now closed

                                Baby Board Books: 10th December  - now closed

                                Blue Heritage Plaques: 14th December - now closed 

                                Round Wall Signs and House Plaques: 14th December - now closed  

                                Wooden Gifts: 3rd December - now closed

                                Personalised Gift Plates: 7th December  - now closed

                                Hammers: 14th December  - now closed

                                Hessian Gift Sacks: 14th December - now closed

                                Metal Street Signs: 14th December - now closed 

                                Mixing Bowls: 7th December  - now closed

                                Family Tree Prints:

                                • A3 size - 12th December  - now closed
                                • 8x10" size - 14th December  - now closed

                                Bunny Rabbit Family: 10th December - now closed

                                Garden Fork & Trowel Set: 14th December- now closed

                                Mugs: 14th December - now closed

                                Personalised Albums: 10th December   - now closed

                                Memory Card Game: 10th December - now closed

                                Rocket Photo Holder: 11th December- now closed  

                                Christmas Eve Boxes: 11th December - now closed