Coronavirus and your delivery

(updated 7th April 2020)

Please ensure you have read and understood these updates - this information is subject to change, so please check this page before you place your order. Thank you for your understanding!

Please rest assured that all UK deliveries are working as normal. However, for the time being ALL items are now being delivered in a 'contact free' style to protect both you and the delivery staff, and to minimise physical contact. None of these changes will affect the delivery time of your order, although I would advise allowing a little extra time for your order to arrive in case there are any localised issues with postal staff coverage.

  • Items are now being delivered by postal services in a 'contact free' style: This means you won't be asked to sign for items, and that your package won't be handed to you directly to maintain social distancing. For Royal Mail deliveries that can't be posted through your door, the postie will prop the item by your door, knock and step back while they wait for you to answer. Courier deliveries are currently always being left in a safe place which you can nominate when you checkout. If no safe place is available the driver will deliver your package contact free. If they are unable to leave your parcel or if you don't answer the door they will leave a card with instructions for redelivery (delivery will be attempted 3 times). The courier will take a photo showing where the parcel has been left - you can see this photo by using the tracking details that I provide to you. You can also use your tracking information to divert your parcel to an alternative safe place before it is delivered. Royal Mail will not leave your item in a safe place - if they are unable to deliver your item you will receive a 'while you were out' card with instructions.
  • Urgent, VIP Prioritised & Next Day Delivery orders: To minimise social contact and reduce the post office workload, I am restricting the number of post runs to a maximum of 2 a week. Usually I would do a post run almost every day, so I may not be able to prioritise urgent orders as much as I usually would. If you have a very urgent deadline please contact me and I'll be able to let you know when your order would be dispatched. Thanks very much for your understanding. Whilst a Next Day Delivery option is still listed on many items, PLEASE DO NOT select this as I cannot guarantee that I can provide this for you. I can still upgrade from standard free to 1st Class where this option is shown, but your item may not be sent as a recorded 'signed for' item.
  • Minor changes to delivery methods: I am currently sending some items in a slightly different way in order to maintain social distancing as much as possible. This means that if an item is usually sent recorded delivery it may be sent by standard post. This won't affect the delivery time of your order - in many case I will be upgrading standard free delivery (which takes between 2-5 days) to 1st Class delivery (which takes approximately 1-2 days). So you may actually receive your item quicker! This means that in many cases your order can be delivered directly through your letterbox, so you don't have to answer your door. It may mean that your order won't have a tracking facility that it usually would, but it does help to maintain social distancing for both you, postal staff and delivery workers as much as possible.
  • When you place your order: I currently have a dropdown menu in the shopping cart asking you to select a safe place for your order. You will need to select an option regardless of whether your order is being delivered by Royal Mail or courier, but safe places will only apply to orders being delivered by courier (Royal Mail don't leave parcels in safe places). The cart is unable to detect whether your order will be sent by mail or courier, so I'm afraid everyone will have to make a selection even if it may not be applicable to your order! Please ensure the place you nominate is secure and weatherproof.
  • Overseas Deliveries: I am still accepting orders for overseas, however please be aware that delivery of your item may take longer due to localised issues. Delivery to some countries is now on suspension, although most major routes remain open as normal - specifically, deliveries to USA, Australia and most of Europe are operating as usual. For a current list of countries that are on suspension for deliveries please see the Royal Mail site by clicking here.
  • If you have any further questions: Please do get in touch by clicking here and I'll be very happy to help!

Best wishes, Sarah

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