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The perfect gift idea for a retiring work colleague - this personalised retirement newspaper will certainly put a smile on their face on their last day of work!

Example Text:

They said it would never happen but [FORENAME] will finally be putting [his] feet up and entering the wonderful world of retirement. After years of working life, [LOCATION]-based [FORENAME] will leave through the doors of [WORKPLACE] for the last time before swapping the tools of [his] trade for an armchair and slippers.

[FORENAME] will be sorely missed at [WORKPLACE] - if only because there will be nobody else to do the jobs that the other staff don't really fancy. [FORENAME] has given so much to [WORKPLACE] over the years that it's going to be strange to be carrying on without [him], said [his] fellow employees. When [he] started doing this job, computers hadn't been invented, the internet was something fish did when they were being caught and flexi-time meant deciding whether you wanted 25 minutes or half-an-hour to eat your ham and cheese sandwiches. I think there was one other person who started work on the same day as [FORENAME] and you can now find him in the British Museum. Seriously, though, it won't be the same without [FORENAME]. We just hope [he] enjoys retired life and finally starts to take things easy.

[AGE]-year-old [FORENAME] thought long and hard about [his] decision to retire but is already making plans about how to fill in [his] new-found time. Much of it will be spent in [his] home in [LOCATION], and [FORENAME] is sure to spend more time with [his] nearest and dearest who are looking forward to [his] retirement day.

"[FORENAME] has worked ever so hard all of [his] life", a close family member told us, "But now it's time for [him] to enjoy [himself] and reap the benefits. I know [he]'s been looking forward to putting [his] feet up and watching some television. I know [he] might not agree with me now, but I bet [he] slips into the whole retirement thing quite easily. Before you know it, [he]'ll be watching Countdown, wearing button-up cardigans and dribbling down [his] chin during [his] afternoon nap!

Replacing the irreplaceable is an almost impossible task and the management at [WORKPLACE] are struggling to contemplate life after [FORENAME] [SURNAME]. It's not going to be easy, admitted the management of [WORKPLACE]. But life will have to go on somehow. It would help if we knew what [FORENAME] actually did but, despite working here for years nobody's really that sure! Only joking. We'll all miss [FORENAME] a lot and we're all hoping [he] has a great time away from all the problems and pressures of work.


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Price: £16.99 unframed, £29.99 framed - including UK delivery

Turnaround: Created to order and dispatched within 1-2 working days (working days are Mon-Fri, excluding bank holidays).

Perfect Gift for: Wedding Anniversary


Your print will be created on authentic newsprint paper stock. If you supply a photo please note the space available is portrait format so bear this in mind when selecting your photo. For further details please see the main Personalised Newspaper page.


UK postage is free - please allow 1-2 working days for delivery. Unframed prints will be delivered flat in a hard backed envelope. Framed prints will be sent in a box. (Click here for overseas delivery information and prices)