Santa Letters & Telegrams Feedback

Santa uses PhotoFairytales as an official outlet for his fabulous Christmas letters and telegrams. Here's just a selection of some of the great comments received from previous customers:

  • She was absolutely delighted with the letter and the additional gifts/activities. Thank you so much.
  • I got a Santa letter for my son and he was so pleased! The whole thing was so well made and he loved all the glitter! The extra gifts were a really nice touch and I can't recommend it enough!
  • incredibly impressed...

    I have not used your service before and although it is well described on your website, it was still a mystery as to how well the letters will be written and personalised to my children - I was not disappointed. In fact, I was completely blown away! 

    I have twin boys and knowing they were to both receive a letter at the same time and also read it at the same time was a little unnerving, as I was afraid they may say similar things in certain parts of the letter but they didn’t and I absolutely love your service for this! 

    The personalisation within the letters was outstanding and I love the special touch of the calligraphy. Thanks again for an amazing experience ...and I thank you for the service that continues the magic of Christmas.

  • was amazing! My little 5 year old was full of wonder "But how does Santa know all this stuff about me?" she exclaimed when she read the personalised info that had kindly been included. "I'm on Santa's Nice list!!" she shrieked when she saw the certificate and danced around the room in excitement. It bought tears to my eyes to see her joy and total wonderous belief in this beautifully crafted letter from Santa with magical fairy dust, post marks from the North Pole & having been 'elf checked' "Wow his writing is so beautiful" she exclaimed as she put it in pride of place on her play table. Everyone that rang or facetimed were shown her "actual letter from the real Santa" and it sits in her bedroom still. We will be definitely getting a letter from him again next year! We hope, if we're good enough! 😉
  • I look forward each year to ordering your beautiful letters from Santa for my 4 amazing grandchildren.
  • ...thank you PhotoFairytales as always perfect. Christmas would not be the same without your letters xx
  • Thank you for the Santa Letters the boys loved them. Especially the quill type writing as that reassured them it really was Santa, as he only ever uses feathers...
  • [she] recognised the envelope straight away as her annual letter from Santa!!! Glitter everywhere and so much excitement on opening the letter and wowed by the knowledge that Santa had about her. Thank you Sarah Thexton and PhotoFairytales as always Christmas magic xx
  • My son absolutely loved his, as well as all the extra treats. Such a lovely, personalised letter and easily the best value. Thank you again - we will be back next year!
  • Magical as always, love ‘Letters from Santa’ x
  • Thank you for another set of magical letters the boys are going to school very happy and taking the letters for show and tell
  • She was absolutely delighted with it and couldn't believe how Santa knew so much information about her!!! I think it is the best Santa letter I have ever seen so a huge thank you for such a wonderful service. Its fantastic value for money and I will definitely be ordering again next year.
  • Thanks Sarah for the wonderful Santa letters, the girls loved them
  • Just wanted to say a big big thank you for another set of lovely Santa letters the boys were over the moon with the letter and the goodies in there. Thank you again for magical letters.
  • Beautiful letter, got mine today. My little boy was very pleased. Will definitely order again. Thank you very much.
  • Yet again, you have excelled yourself with your Letter from Santa! Lia is as excited as ever (third year now!) and was so looking forward to receiving it she accosted the postman as she recognised the envelope in his hand! She loved it! The personal details you put in these letters are second to none. Thank you SO much!
  • She loved it and will definitely be doing it again next year.
  • Very pleased to say that the letter from Santa came in the post today and it is fantastic, my daughter was over the moon - will 100% be using you again next year, you are by far the best ones that I've ever used.
  • Letter from Santa arrived today. It's perfect will definately be ordering again...
  • ...a huge thank you for the Letter from Santa. It was amazing! Something we will keep forever.
  • Coming into the house she recognised an envelope on the mat - her letter from Santa! She is now very excited, has been to see her best friend to show her the letter and other goodies, and we are now all covered in glitter! Happy times! My thanks, once again for this - one very happy little girl - again!
  • ...they are fantastic, the look on their faces as they opened them up was amazing. So nicely done and personal see you next year for two more x x x
  • Thank you so much for the fantastic letter and gifts... loved everything and was so excited when he opened his letter. The certificate was a huge hit. I just wish I had filmed the look on his face when he was opening it.
  • These are the best on the planet! Any child receiving one of these will be SO thrilled!
  • Just wanted to say thanks for my little girls Santa letters, they both loved them and its something we will keep forever x
  • I cannot thank you enough for the letter from Santa, my daughter was so excited that she had a certificate to say she had been put on the nice list that she has phoned everyone to tell them. Thank you again for letting me be able to make the magic of Christmas alive.
  • ...they are so fab xxxx
  • My granddaughter, Lia, was very excited to receive not just a letter from Santa but a certificate and gifts too! Highly recommended and Lia's mum was even more delighted that Santa told Lia to go to bed early on Christmas Eve! have made one little girl (and mum and granny) very happy!
  • Simply wonderful - the children adored them!
  • A HUGE thank you for Scarlett's letter from Santa! I have never seen her eyes so big and her smile so wide! She has told everyone about her certificate for being on the nice list!!!!!
  • Daniel loved his letter - he was even late for nursery because I had to read it there and then - his face was a picture thank you
  • I just wanted to thank you for my girls Letters from Santa - the look of awe on their faces was amazing, they couldn't believe that Santa actually knew what they wanted for Christmas and who their best friends were, the got to work instantly colouring in their cards and decorating the finger puppets and bookmarks - you definitely made their day...
  • Over the moon...
  • Kieran was absolutely thrilled with his Santa letter, thank you!!
  • We had ours a couple of days ago - my son was absolutely thrilled and couldn't believe the detail - best thing I've ever done! Thank you so so much :) I'm happy to give you any testimonials - I wish Santa had written to me like that when I was little lol ;) You and Santa are doing a grand job x
  • Guess what came today? It's FANTASTIC and he loved opening all the little bits and what not, utterly amazing! Make sure you do them again next year!!! xx Thanks xx
  • two went nuts...they loved their letters. Well done and thank you for the children's Santa letters, they LOVED them. xx
  • Hi Sarah, thanks so much for the letters from Santa they were just fab :)
  • Erin loved her letter and is so proud of her certificate that she took it to school today. Thanks, we'll be back next year.
  • Archie loved his!
  • Kieran was absolutely thrilled and has wasted no time in telling everyone about "my letter from MY Santa". Poor Taylor (not quite three weeks old!) was constantly badgered to "Look at THIS!" as it had his name mentioned in it too. A very small price to pay for such a big smile and excited young man!