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Be headline news on your wedding day - this personalised wedding newspaper is a fun gift idea for the happy couple!

Example Text:

"One of the most eagerly-awaited weddings of the year takes place today when [GROOM] marries his beloved [BRIDE]. The couple, who will live together in [LOCATION] after their marriage, will tie the knot in front of their family and friends.

The pair's relationship has been one of the most hotly-discussed topics in the country since [GROOM] popped the question to [BRIDE]. It was 'Hello' magazine who initiated the high profile for the couple's wedding, after criticism from their readers that they only ever featured celebrity weddings. 'Hello' is reported to have offered a record sum for exclusive coverage of the nuptials, doubling the figure they shelled out to David and Victoria Beckham when they tied the knot.

Most of the country's leading newspapers have already tried to get a sneak preview of the dress [BRIDE] is set to wear but to no avail. The enchanting dress is rumoured to be one of the most stunning ever crafted with celebrities across the globe attempting to re-create it.

"This wedding has been the only thing anyone has wanted to talk about for the last three or four weeks," revealed chat show host Jonathan Ross, who will host a one-hour special with the happy couple shortly after the ceremony. "[GROOM] and [BRIDE] have caught the public's imagination because they sum up everything that a successful relationship should be about. They go together so perfectly and I'm sure they are going to have an amazing day and an amazing life together.

[GROOM] and [BRIDE] are understandably nervous ahead of the big day, although they have been given some much-needed words of wisdom from their best man. "I know this wedding is going to be the best one ever," he said. "It's bound to be - because I'm involved in it! Seriously though, I know [GROOM] and [BRIDE] are going to have a great day. They are perfect for each other. Everybody always describes marriage as the greatest institution - and I always knew it was only a matter of time until [GROOM] and [BRIDE] ended up in one!"

[BRIDE] is sure to set heads turning in her stunning wedding gown. After the ceremony, the newly-married couple will entertain their guests at a lavish reception before departing for a fabulous honeymoon. Weddings can be tiring affairs - but [GROOM] has assured [BRIDE] he will have recovered his energy in time for that!"


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Perfect Gift for: Wedding Anniversary


Your print will be created on authentic newsprint paper stock. If you supply a photo please note the space available is portrait format so bear this in mind when selecting your photo. For further details please see the main Personalised Newspaper page.


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