The Funny Peculiar Gift Collection

Looking for a gift that's a bit different this season? Well, I think we can safely say you've probably found it! Here's a round up of some of the daftest, most quirky, silly, eccentric and unique gifts to be found on the site. Guaranteed to raise a smile!

Handmade Wooden Typography Signs | bespoke wooden signs and plaques from PhotoFairytales

Beware of the Dog

Ever looked into your dog's eyes and wondered what he or she is thinking? Maybe this sign will help. More of a cat person? It doesn't matter, there's a cat version too. In fact, there's a few of these daft signs so why not take a peek at the whole range (we have a 'No Riff Raff Allowed' one we display near the front door...)

Personalised Heritage Blue Plaques with any wording | give them the recognition they deserve with their own personalised blue plaque! Mimics the iconic plaques on the houses of the famous, handmade to order, free P&P - from PhotoFairytales.

Heritage Blue Plaque

You could create one of these blue plaques with the name and details of a loved one - or you could celebrate the world famous (unless you're reading this in the present time in which case you haven't heard of him) Professer Flingwurt. Either way, you have to admit this blue plaque would look fabulous on the front of the house.

 Ministry of Silly Personalised Prints | home office, craft room, graduation gift, work colleague gift - from PhotoFairytales

Ministry of Silly Prints

Perfect for home or office, inspiration for this range of prints came whilst listening to the budget announcement on the radio one day. There are three designs to choose from, and you can tell the recipient that they were featured in 'Good Homes' magazine, so they're incredibly stylish too.

Personalised Superhero portrait prints | Fun, bespoke wall art featuring your loved one's super powers! Perfect gift for Father's Day or Mother's Day, from PhotoFairytales.

Superhero Print

Due you suspect that your Granny may be a secret superhero? Featuring all her super powers and vulnerabilities, and wearing sensible comfy knickers, this print may give the secret away but she'll love it just the same.

Personalised mug gift  | beautifully illustrated and customised mugs, created to order, from PhotoFairytales #personalisedmug

Yes Deer, No Deer Mug

Imagine having a mug that can hold a conversation for you! Answer any loved one's questions with a simple twist of the wrist. This is practical too - you can put tea or coffee in it. Or wine, I won't judge.

Personalised Canvas and Wall Art Prints | unique, high quality custom canvas wall art and prints, PhotoFairytales

'Queen' Print

this personalised print is absolutely spot on if you're looking for a gift for that very special person. Or the Queen, it would be a good gift for her too. Delusions of grandeur you say? Well, maybe just a bit.

Fairy tale fantasy images created from your own photo into unique personalised portraits & wall art | PhotoFairytales

'Defender of the Realm' Fantasy Portrait

Don't you think he'll look (more) handsome dressed as a knight? This will certainly become a 'conversation piece' in your home. Why not order it in the very biggest canvas size for maximum impact?!

Personalised Vintage Prints | unique vintage style personalised gift, from PhotoFairytales

Housework & Ironing Championships

Whether they're houseproud or a bit slovenly, either way they'll enjoy being named as the winner of the Housework & Ironing Championships for 2019 (or 2020, you can choose).

Personalised Newspapers | personalised newspaper gift from PhotoFairytales

Naked in Car Wash Newspaper

And they thought they'd got away with it and no one knew! This personalised newspaper blows the roof on this exclusive story. (Not available in all good newsagents - just here.)