Christmas Opening Times

(Last updated 13th December 2018)

I will be closed for a Christmas holiday from midday December 19th and will re-open on January 7th 2018. The website will remain open and you are very welcome to place orders or contact me while I'm closed, but please be aware that I won't be able to process your order or acknowledge your message until my return.

You can see below the last order dates for all items on the site if you would like your order completed and posted in time for Christmas. Any orders placed after the recommended dates may not be dispatched in time for Christmas delivery, so please bear that in mind and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

Very best wishes, 
Sarah Thexton 

Please Note: the dates below may be reviewed and adjusted as we get closer to Christmas, so please come back to this page to double check current dates before placing your order - particularly in December.

Last Orders by Date

(Please scroll down the page if you would like to see Last Orders arranged by Product)

November 16th:

Wooden Plaques (as shown on this page - click here) - now closed

November 29th:

  • All Rest of World overseas orders - now closed

    December 3rd:

      December 6th:

      • Fantasy Portraits with Canvas Prints  - now closed
      December 6th:

      • All EU overseas orders  - now closed

        December 7th:

        • Wooden Picture Blocks - now closed

        December 10th:

        • Memory Card Game- now closed
        • Photo Albums - now closed
        • Board Books - now closed  
        • Hoop Prints - now closed

            December 11th:

            • Bunny Rabbit Family Prints- now closed
            • Mugs - now closed
            • On Our Wedding Day Prints- now closed
            • On This Day Birthday Prints- now closed
            • Ceramic Mixing Bowls- now closed
            • Canvas Prints- now closed
            • Fantasy Portraits with Unframed or Mounted Prints- now closed
            • Family Tree Prints, A3 size- now closed
            • Metal Street Signs- now closed
            • Love Gift Boxes- now closed

            December 13th:

            • Rocket Photo Holder- now closed
            • Christmas Eve Boxes- now closed
            • Rocket Photo Holder- now closed
            • Blue Heritage Plaques - now closed
            • Round Wall Plaques/House Signs- now closed
            • Fantasy Portraits, artwork only- now closed
            • All Personalised Prints in A3 size (except Family Tree) - now closed  
            • Family Tree print, 8x10 size- now closed

                December 14th:

                • Official FC Gifts 
                • Personalised Christmas Sacks & Stockings - sorry, sold out
                • Newspapers 
                • Fork & Trowel Garden Set
                • Hammers
                • All Personalised Prints in 8x10" size
                  (except Family Tree prints, On Our Wedding Day prints, On This Day prints, and Bunny Rabbit Family prints)

                    December 16th:

                    • Santa Letters - UK orders - sorry, sold out
                    • Santa Telegrams - UK orders
                    • Standard Greeting Cards (fast dispatch cards)
                    • Tooth Fairy Letters

                    December 18th:

                    • Gift vouchers 

                        December 19th: closed from noon

                          Last Orders by Product

                          Fantasy Portraits - now closed

                          • Artwork Only (ie, no print): December 13th  - now closed  
                          • Artwork & Unframed or Mounted Print: December 11th  - now closed   
                          • Artwork & Canvas Print: December 6th (you will need to approve your proof by 12th December)  - now closed   
                          • Artwork & Greeting Cards: December 3rd (you will need to approve your proof by 6th December)- now closed   

                          Gift Vouchers: 18th December 

                          Personalised Letters & Telegrams from Santa -

                          • Rest of World overseas orders: 29th November - now closed  
                          • EU overseas orders: 6th December  - now closed   
                          • UK orders: 16th December

                          Personalised Letters from Tooth Fairy: 16th December

                          Personalised Prints -

                          • 8x10" size: 14th December

                            (except Family Tree prints, On Our Wedding Day prints, On This Day prints, and Bunny Rabbit Family prints)

                          • A3 size (excluding Family Tree print in A3 size): 13th December  - now closed  

                          'On This Day' Prints: 11th December  - now closed 

                          'On Our Wedding Day' Prints: 11th December - now closed

                          Love Gift Box: 11th December  - now closed 

                          Personalised Newspapers: 14th December 

                          Embroidery Hoop Prints: 10th December  - now closed

                          Official Football Merchandise: 14th December  

                          Personalised Canvas Prints: 11th December - now closed 

                          Greeting Cards (fast dispatch cards): 16th December  

                          Baby Board Books: 10th December - now closed

                          Blue Heritage Plaques: 13th December - now closed 

                          Round Wall Signs and House Plaques: 13th December - now closed

                          Wooden Gifts: now closed

                          Hammers: 14th December  

                          Christmas Gift Sacks: 14th December 

                          Metal Street Signs: 11th December  - now closed 

                          Mixing Bowls: 11th December  - now closed 

                          Family Tree Prints: now closed

                          • A3 size - 11th December  - now closed   
                          • 8x10" size - 13th December  - now closed  

                          Bunny Rabbit Family: 11th December  - now closed

                          Garden Fork & Trowel Set: 14th December  

                          Mugs: 11th December  - now closed

                          Personalised Albums: 10th December  - now closed

                          Wooden Picture Blocks: December 7th - now closed

                          Memory Card Game: 10th December - now closed

                          Rocket Photo Holder: 13th December - now closed 

                          Christmas Eve Boxes: 13th December - now closed

                          Personalised Pet Christmas Stockings: 14th December